Friday, 7 March 2014

Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve: Stacking

Obviously taking inspiration from other cultures, and usually to display status and wealth, stacking can be a great way to accessorise with impact and express you personality, if only with humble wooden bracelets or simple leather straps

Not a new or passing trend, it can look elegant and chic, especially if themed and on long slender limbs.

For inspiration check out the founding queen of stacking, Nancy Cunard, and another fabulous looking exponent of the art, Lee Miller


  1. Gold bracelets are also a good way to carry currency. Women in many cultures, historically have also used their bangles, as means to pay or "bribe" their way out of situations that may arise.

  2. Absolutely, thank you theduchessofh. Traditionally, often part of a woman's bridal dowry from the would-be grooms family would be the (hopefully) many gold bangles. Very useful in emergencies, when paper/coin currency was not an option.