Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Lose Pounds While You Save Pounds

Here's either a money saving tip that will also make you thinner or a diet that will help save you money!

Instead of buying that new DVD, diet book, app etc do your annual diet the Dr. No News way. Arithmetic goes like this, most of us eat approx. 2000 calories a day, the following diets will cut 1000 calories without the complications of eating the foods that make you want to gag, food prep that takes forever or turns you into a crank.

If you are a person that cannot do without your usual, and you feel that the proportions of food groups are correct anyhow, follow diet A. If you are a person who needs a ritualistic 'new broom' to make you feel like you are off to a great start, try diet B.

Diet A. Buy your usual things and cut everything in half

Diet B Eat breakfast as usual, eat lunch as usual. STOP except to drink water

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