Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Gucci Gold

Silver and 18K 'Gucci Firenze 2921' bangle, made to celebrate Gucci's 90 anniversary, pic from gucci.com 

There always seem to be a few 14 karat gold pieces for sale


Gucci have NEVER made 14 Karat pieces.

All Gucci gold is 18 Karat

Some beautiful Gucci silver pieces are described as #silver and 18 Karat gold' This means silver and 18 Karat gold plating (as in the gold parts are covered silver and not solid gold) as the one above.

Most 18 Karat gold jewellery is fairly new (post-1990)

If you are looking at gold vintage jewellery it is much rarer. There are 18K pieces throughout Gucci's history, some even adorning bags, but usually made to order or for special projects such as the range of 18K jewellery designed by Patrizia Gucci (nee Patrizia Reggiani, married to Maurizio Gucci, grandson of Guccio Gucci) and was part of a crocodile themed collection from the 1980s.

Gucci's vintage silver (many with enamel) jewellery (and belts) pieces are very collectible. There were many fakes on the market at the time too. Make sure they are silver, make sure they are Gucci or they are worth approx their weight in silver but no more

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Blast from Perfect (Gucci) Past

Once upon a time I had ambitions of combining frivolity and seriousness all one blog. Unfortunately, when life gets too serious I feel like lightening the load with escapist fantasies of a truly glamorous days gone by, when the world was free from war, poverty and natural disasters.

History will tell us that the past was punctuated by worse ills that we could ever imagine, but still my romantic notions effervesce into a perfect hideaway from an imperfect present muddle I call life.

To help you dream of a life that never happened, here are some wonderful past illusions from the house that created 'lifestyle'. Gucci

Ahhhh, the Jet Set life... 

...La Dolce Vita indeed 

When women coordinated even with each other...

...and luggage came in sets.

People bought only once so they only bought the very best...

...and leather-wear was synonymous with Italy
(France meant fashion darling)...

...and the Mombasa bag was for men who hunted in the Jungle
and belonged to Gucci and not to YSL
(sorry, Saint Laurent, got to keep up with the times)