Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Gucci Gold

Silver and 18K 'Gucci Firenze 2921' bangle, made to celebrate Gucci's 90 anniversary, pic from gucci.com 

There always seem to be a few 14 karat gold pieces for sale


Gucci have NEVER made 14 Karat pieces.

All Gucci gold is 18 Karat

Some beautiful Gucci silver pieces are described as #silver and 18 Karat gold' This means silver and 18 Karat gold plating (as in the gold parts are covered silver and not solid gold) as the one above.

Most 18 Karat gold jewellery is fairly new (post-1990)

If you are looking at gold vintage jewellery it is much rarer. There are 18K pieces throughout Gucci's history, some even adorning bags, but usually made to order or for special projects such as the range of 18K jewellery designed by Patrizia Gucci (nee Patrizia Reggiani, married to Maurizio Gucci, grandson of Guccio Gucci) and was part of a crocodile themed collection from the 1980s.

Gucci's vintage silver (many with enamel) jewellery (and belts) pieces are very collectible. There were many fakes on the market at the time too. Make sure they are silver, make sure they are Gucci or they are worth approx their weight in silver but no more

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Blast from Perfect (Gucci) Past

Once upon a time I had ambitions of combining frivolity and seriousness all one blog. Unfortunately, when life gets too serious I feel like lightening the load with escapist fantasies of a truly glamorous days gone by, when the world was free from war, poverty and natural disasters.

History will tell us that the past was punctuated by worse ills that we could ever imagine, but still my romantic notions effervesce into a perfect hideaway from an imperfect present muddle I call life.

To help you dream of a life that never happened, here are some wonderful past illusions from the house that created 'lifestyle'. Gucci

Ahhhh, the Jet Set life... 

...La Dolce Vita indeed 

When women coordinated even with each other...

...and luggage came in sets.

People bought only once so they only bought the very best...

...and leather-wear was synonymous with Italy
(France meant fashion darling)...

...and the Mombasa bag was for men who hunted in the Jungle
and belonged to Gucci and not to YSL
(sorry, Saint Laurent, got to keep up with the times) 

Friday, 15 June 2012

Before Hitting the Shoe Sales

The other day someone asked me what kinds of shoes I liked. For someone who is not particularly a 'shoe-person' I seem to have acquired quite a collection but then don't we all? Plenty of fabulous heels (I can hear the applause - and yes some are clearly for photo-ops only) a few shoes and boots to actually walk in and a couple of pair able to run for a bus should the rare impulse propel me (a bus is a form of public transport for those of you who only do limousines to theatre and shoes to match).

 So, what shoes do I like? I like them all my dears, happily usually more on other people than myself. I had a quiet word with myself a while ago and kept just a few exquisite possible museum pieces more suited to adorn coffee tables than feet and rid myself of many examples of the many pairs of almost fabulous, almost fits, almost the right colour, almost high/low enough. I also let go of the the footwear that have served me well but had had their heyday, been re-heeled, re-soled and patched up until they were no longer the same shoe (tear in eye as a I write).

Never mind the clothes issue it's the wall of shoes that give us guilt (and space) problems. We are now in sale season and nothing tempts more than a shoe sale. With a little preliminary footwear editing and psychological preparation you and I CAN buy shoes we will actually wear. Never mind your feet, shop with your head. These are my rules but they have been fashioned out of years of (bad) practice. Enjoy, but don't forget if a pair of shoes is now half price is does not mean you should buy 2 pairs unless of couse you are a four legged animal. Before buying:

 1. Never buy shoes in the sales that you wouldn't consider normally. They are not a bargain sitting in your wardrobe.

 2. Make sure they fit. Never buy shoes that are even half a size too big or small (or narrow) no matter how much you love them. Your feet won't shrink or (since you are not a child) grow.

 3. Don't buy boots or shoes you can't put on or pull off by yourself or take longer than 5 mins. There is a reason why button-up boots went out of fashion when lady's-maids did.

 4. Don't make do with a colour that you only quite like, brown isn't black no matter how dim the light.

 5. Don't keep choosing styles that don't suit you. Doesn't matter how good your best friend or fave celeb looks in them

 6. Fashion is flippant, if what suits you is 'in' buy, if nothing is out there that makes your heart beat faster or you can walk in don't buy until the fashion changes again.

 7. Don't buy the cheapest designer option just because it's the only pair you can afford from that brand. Don't buy the 'inspired' or diffusion copies either. Wait for the sale, stalk *bay or save up for the pair you really want.

 8. Know your heel limits, even if it breaks your heart it's better than breaking your ankle.

 9. Don't buy shoes you can't wear in the rain, sun, snow, on carpet and on pavements, shoes that precious should beni a museum not in a normal women's closet.

 10. Know your feet, know your next pair of shoes. Write down all the things you need in a shoe and the occasion you need it for - then go shopping.

 Editing your existing shoe wardrobe: Observe the 'rules' 1-10 above and go 'shopping' in your own wardrobe, just change the word 'buy' to 'keep'. Don't worry so much about having lots of similar styles or colours, what will suit you will suit you. Plus, keeping a couple pairs of fantasy shoes just for 'looking at' is OK

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

GucciAutumn/Winter 2012/2013 review

Colours of deepest Autumnal permeated, shades that Gucci is famous for, dark mustard, oil-slick green, petrol blue and bruised, regal purple and blood red garnet, sometimes blended together on iridescent feathers for full effect. Like precious gems seen in a city night-scape among the multiples of textural permutations black on black, shadow-play on black. These were no young nymphs but magnificent ancient sirens out to bewitch and seduce. I loved the show I went to see, happy I missed the one Ms Jones saw.

Dare I say, there were a few references to mid-noughties-naughtiness Tom Ford on the catwalk (Gucci and YSL) plus that certain late-1970s Gucci attitude towards recession and global crises (crisis? What crisis?) and thank goodness, nothing more horrible than a pseudo-pious mega-brand doing 'grunge' on the catwalk. Better the rich to 'fritter' their money making the world a prettier place. And for the rest of us 'investers' cash may be crashing, shares may be crumbling and bricks and mortar may make way for a super-speed railway tomorrow, put your resources on your back and wear your heart on your blouse-sleeve.

There were not quite so many notible accessories on the catwalk this time around. Dark, shiny stone jewellery, curvey, high, field and ankle boots in various textures and finishes of black including suede and patent and polished leather. Bags followed suit (ha ha) with a variation of the popular Stirrup bag of last year (A/W 2011/12) morphing from stiff to supple and a framed bag, which could be another possible re-issue from Gucci's extensive and excellent archive. Most of the bags again shown in variations of black, shiny crocodile, velvet diamond-print and shiny leather and matte nubuck. Belts were tied silk-rope with Gucci hardware, the tassel now so much apart of the Gucci vocabulary and glasses round and wiry (not my favourite shape). All in all, dark, sensual, and very, very dangerous for the wallet. For professional women only 'nymphs' and innocents' check out Ferretti and Miu Miu.

Image style.com