Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Hands-Up Hermes A/W 13

I love Hermes, but I'm just throwing this open for debate: 
How many think that crocodile skirt is on backwards? 


  1. I vote that it is on backwards. I cannot believe that the pelvic bunching is deliberate.

  2. I support that view. I bet that skirt is truly amazing worn the right way round

  3. Clearly the model is wearing this skirt backwards; notice the kick pleat. A kick pleat is always placed in the back of a skirt. A slit; side or front,is an entirely different fabrication.

  4. Thanks theduchessofH. Agreed!

    Even if the dresser put it on backwards, I would have hoped the model, stylist, checker, designer's assistant, or Lemaire would have noticed

    Thank you too for you recommendations, that's very kind and I will pass the info on. You are always welcome here.

  5. I don't care how much something costs (and clearly this costs tens of thousands of dollars, if not more)...if it doesn't make you look better then what's the point? this makes her look dumpy!